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The HOTEL HUSZCZA*** is conveniently located at Lake Czos and,
at the same time, at the very heart of Mrągowo.


Due to its unique location, guests can arrive and rest in the hotel at any time in the year. The Hotel is situated directly on the west shore of Lake Czos and, at the same time, in the centre of Mrągowo - the most famous town at the heart of Masuria. A breath-taking panorama of the lake and the amphitheatre is the view that you can enjoy in the majority of hotel rooms with a balcony.

The top attraction for our guests are cruises on board the Hotel's ship – “Patrycja”. According to one of the local legends, "only when looking at the blue waters of the lake, one can find peace of mind and joy of the spirit", which is invaluable in today's fast-paced world.

Once you visit the Masuria, you'll definitely come back and we will do our best to make sure that you stay at our Hotel.

Don't hesitate - book your stay at the HOTEL HUSZCZA today!
We look forward to seeing you!